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Apósitos Nexcare™ DUO

Banner dividido en 2 con un hombre con cara de dolor y un paquete DUO Nexcare™

Una tira que aguanta todo el día y se retira sin dolor - Nexcare™ DUO

Imagen con palabras: sin dolor, sin despegarse, sin residuos, sin compromiso
  • Hand on bike handle bar wearing Nexcare™ DUO plaster
  • Bandages as they should be. Tough on. Gentle off.

    • Up to 24 hours
    • Pain-free
    • Durable and flexible
    • Proprietary silicon adhesive
    • Breathable backing
    • Handwashing approve

  • 360º Protection for Everyday Life

    Nexcare™ DUO Plasters have a strong hold and are made from a flexible textile fabric.

    Thanks to the special silicone adhesive developed in-house, Nexcare™ DUO Plasters hold strong with comfortable removal that will not cause pain, ensuring minimal adhesive residue remains on the skin after removal.

    What's more, the shape of these little everyday helpers ensures a full 360-degree seal. This is because they have adhesive 360 degrees around the non-adherent wound pad to protect the wound.

  • Nexcare™ DUO plaster image showing features and technologies of plaster

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Cómo retirar los apósitos Nexcare™ DUO

  • Diagrama que muestra la forma correcta de retirar la tira Nexcare™ DUO

    Forma correcta

    Sujete el borde del apósito y despéguelo lentamente hacia atrás.

  • Diagrama que muestra la forma incorrecta de retirar la tira Nexcare™ DUO

    Forma incorrecta

    No tire del apósito directamente hacia arriba.

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